KASH holds a variety of events throughout the year! Member or non-member, come out and have some fun! It’s a great opportunity to network and mingle!

Korean Festival Houston

Korean Festival Houston is held once a year, bringing in performances from around the United States and even South Korea. This is by far our largest event and made possible by the hard work of so many volunteers past and present. For more information, check out the Korean Festival tab above!

Dragon Boat Competition

Every year, participants from all around Houston (and even farther) compete in the race hosted by the Texas Dragon Boat Association. KASH has consistently achieved being in the Top 4. Help us reach first place! To sign up, contact us at For more information, visit the official homepage at

General Meetings

Meetings are held generally once a month to discuss upcoming events and to learn about opportunities within KASH. Sign up for our email list to be updated on our meetings!

Public Events

Periodically we host social events where all are welcome and can meet our members and leadership team. These events are varied and have included mixers at trendy hot spots in Houston, assisting with KPOP Star filming in Houston, group movie viewing of Korean films, and cultural outings such as the recent Joseon Period exhibit at the Fine Arts Museum. Sometimes we meet to do good in our community like volunteering at the Houston Food Bank. So bring friends, meet some new ones, and see some of the great things the city of Houston has to offer!

Members Only Events

As a thank you for those who have paid the yearly membership fee, we hold additional special events. Among these are restaurant menu tasting, cooking classes, camping trips, private holiday parties, and even 노래방(noraebang- Karaoke)! All these events are meant to build a sense of community and teamwork among our members and, of course, to be fun!