Check out these mentions of KASH in the media and see what we’ve beeen up to!

Korean Journal Houston : [KASH]한국입양아 출신 작가 Matthew Salesses‘북 토크’열린다 (August 21st, 2015)

WorldKorean : KASH “한인 1.5, 2세들이 코리안 페스티벌 개최합니다 (November 3rd, 2012)

Korea World : 2013 휴스턴 코리안 페스티벌’ 성황 (October 25th, 2013)

News Korea : 김태우, 3일(토) 휴스턴에서 미니 콘서트 (November 2nd, 2012)

News Korea : 축복의 사람 콘서트, 관객들 “역시 최고 (October 29th, 2010)

Tistory : 세계의 한국인] 휴스턴 한인회 김수명 회장 (October 15th, 2010)

Naver : #미국여행# 텍사스 휴스턴여행-3/ K-festival(한인축제)/ 할로윈코스튬샵 (October 22nd, 2014)

The Daily Cougar : Korean Festival breaks personal attendance record (October 20th, 2014)

Hispanic Houston : Korean Festival at Discovery Green on Saturday, October 17, 2015 (August 13th, 2015)

Houston Press : The 5 best things to eat or drink this weekend: Tastes from around the globe (October 17th, 2014)

Houston Chronicle : 2015 Korean Festival set for Saturday, Oct. 17 (August 14th, 2015)

Houston Chronicle : Events Calendar: Fall Bazaars and Festivals abound this year (August 13th, 2013)

Houston Chronicle : Houston festivals are international affairs (September 29th, 2011)

Houston Chronicle : Korean American Society of Houston hosts Korean Festival (August 13th, 2013)

Urban Swank : Korean American Society of Houston hosts the 2014 Korean Festival (October 15th, 2014)

People Generation : People Generation’s marketing efforts helped to produce record-breaking attendance at 2014 Korean Festival (December 4th, 2014)

365 Things To Do In Houston : Marvel at displays of Korean culture, food & martial arts (October 14th, 2014)

Examiner : Houston’s 5th Korean Festival receives mayoral proclamation (October 21th, 2013)

GuidryNews : Korean American Society of Houston hosts 2009 Houston Korean Festival (September 16th, 2009)

Fun-Family-Houston-Vacations : Experience the Houston Korean Festival (2011)

Brunch and Conversation : DOSI Restaurant and Soju Bar menu tasting event (March 13th, 2013)

Houston KPop : 2011 Korean Festival (August 13th, 2011)